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Buddy mentoring programme

Our foster care mentoring programme gives you access to support from an experienced North East foster carer as soon as you make an enquiry. Whether for a quick call or longer-term buddying, tap into a mentor's knowledge and get first-hand advice when something comes up or you have questions of your own. 

Introducing your North East foster care mentoring program

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 Daniel Kenny is the service lead at Foster with North East. He describes our foster carer buddying scheme as an extension of the support at the Foster with North East hub:

"Foster carer buddies are experienced, they know what it feels like to go through the approval journey and how to help you. Typically, foster carer mentoring services start when foster carers are approved. That could be six or seven months after a potential carer has made an enquiry.

"We can offer you immediate access to a range of carers across the North East. From that first call, we can share your details with your consent and get a foster carer to ring you straight away. They'll then check in with you as often as you want. 

"Our foster carer buddies are there to offer applicants unique emotional support from someone who has been through the same process. They're there to speak openly with and to help consider or share any worries you might have.

"They're also available to you throughout the assessment as an extension of Foster with North East hub support. Once you are approved, local authority buddy schemes will take over. Of course, if you've matched with someone local at the enquiry stage, you may be able to continue with that relationship."

Who is the Foster Buddy North East foster care peer support scheme for?

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    You can speak to a foster carer to ask questions when you make an enquiry with us.
  • The scheme matches experienced foster carers with potential foster carers.
  •  You can get a buddy whether you're new to fostering or transferring to a North East local authority.
  • The buddy scheme gives foster care applicants emotional and practical support from others who've walked the same path.
  • Your foster buddy will check in with you and give you insight into what it's like to be part of a fostering family.
  • When you become an approved foster carer, you can access mentoring schemes within your local authority.

Three important benefits of the fostering buddy scheme

  • As an applicant, you can pose questions to a non-judgemental peer that you might not want to ask your social worker.
  • Our buddies and mentors can share the valuable skills and knowledge they've developed as professional foster carers.
  • You build early connections in the fostering community and always have someone to talk to or ask for advice.

Our buddy programme video

What other support is available for new and prospective foster carers?

●      Questions about support and training answers frequently asked questions about help for new foster carers.

●      The Mockingbird programme offers a network of peer support for foster carers and works like an extended family.

Can I be a mentor for foster care? Foster carer mentor scheme eligibility

Buddies are experienced foster carers who work with Foster with North East partner authorities. They help with hub enquiries on a rota basis, calling people who have made fostering enquiries. As a buddy, you might be matched with someone going through the approval journey. You can speak to your supervising social worker to find out more about the role.

How do I get involved in the foster care mentoring programme near me?

To speak to a foster carer, please call us on 0800 917 7771 or make an enquiry. When you decide to progress your enquiry to the application stage, we can match you with a buddy to support you on your journey.